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Raw Materials Company was established in 1985 on a belief and vision that all consumer batteries need to be managed responsibly and not discarded into municipal landfills, regardless of type.

Our focus has always been to find solutions that are not only economical, but also solutions that are considered socially and environmentally sustainable. Our technology is forever evolving as we push ourselves to stay on pace with advances in battery manufacturing.

RMC was one of the first environmental companies to receive the ISO 14001 accreditation. RMC has been ISO 14001 registered since 2000.

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What's New at RMC?

March 12, 2014
RMC Receives a Technological Innovation Award from NEYA

Port Colborne, ON - Wayne Elliott and James Ewles of Raw Materials Company were recognized with a Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Award (NEYA) at the organization’s annual Awards Gala held at the Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls on Friday March 7th, 2014.

The Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards honour enterprising people whose businesses have made significant differences in the community, and in our lives.

This year’s gala was attended by some of the best and brightest business leaders from across Niagara Region.

Raw Materials Company, a Port Colborne based battery recycler, received NEYA’s Technological Innovation Award for its patented battery recycling technology. The RMC 3500 was specifically designed to recycle alkaline batteries, which account for 80% of all the primary single-use consumer batteries sold on the Ontario market every year.

RMC’s process is unique because it recovers 100% of each alkaline battery processed for reuse. No part of the battery is sent to the landfill. Up to 92% of the component materials are upcycled, meaning they’re reused in applications that they were originally intended for. The zinc, manganese, potassium and steel recovered from alkaline batteries displace the need for equivalent virgin materials and the energy and resources required to mine them from ore.

Ontario’s Provincial Battery Program is one of the fastest growing programs of its kind and has achieved some of the highest recycling efficiencies in the world.

March 7, 2014
Ontario's Curbside Battery Program is Back!

More than 500,000 homes across Ontario will have an opportunity to recycle used household batteries at the curb during the months of March and April. The curbside battery recycling program is made possible through Stewardship Ontario’s Curbside Battery Recovery Incentive (CBRI)...

December 13, 2013
Recycle your Batteries in Support of Clothes for Kids

Cory Graper of Raw Materials Company and Ben Santucci of Westchester Logistics delivered a second cheque for $1,800 in support of Corus Entertainment's Clothes for Kids Campaign. The donation was made on behalf of environmentally conscious Kingstonians at the CKWS TV office in Kingston on December 12th, 2013.

A stewardship program requires manufacturers of certain consumer products to take financial and environmental responsibility for the end of life management of those products once they reach their end of useful life.

End of life management refers to the collection and recycling of the materials from consumers and commercial generators.

To learn more, visit our Stewardship Programs page.

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